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Meet the Fluffy Animals

Welcome to Fluffy Magazine, the only magazine with all the cutest animals around! Our publication is full of adorable animals that will make your heart melt. From cuddly rats to funny monkeys and playful racoons, you’ll find something here that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Animal Education

We wanted the dogs and cats and barnyard animals in Fluffy to be familiar for any young animal lover, but also introduce exotic animals from around the world. We have quokkas and bandicoots, meerkats and pikas, capybaras and wombats. We have Tasmanian devils and snow leopards, bilbies and numbats, and of course; baby lions, tigers, and bears. The pages do not identify the animals (the website will have a parent/teacher key for each issue) so the very act of researching to find out what the animal is is both exciting and educational.

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